You, Me and The SWC

The Write Stuff

Our vision for The SWC  has always been for it to be a team effort. We wanted a site which was welcoming, accepting and inclusive. To that end it is important to us that it is representative of the wide range of interests and dynamics which are out there.  We also want it to be a place where others can come and find balanced and honest information about aspects of D/s and BDSM play, so it is important that the blog reflects the experience and thoughts of a range of people.

We would like to encourage members to share what they have learnt and discovered, not only by contributing to the chat and the forums, but also by posting on the blog. If you are interested in becoming a contributor then please let us know.

It's Good To Talk

Clearly the online chat here at the club is down to the success of it's members. It is great for visitors to the site and new members to find friendly and welcoming faces to help them by answering questions and offering opinions. The topic chats and featured events have been really well supported so far and we are slowly adding to the calendar all the time.

If you feel that there is something you are knowledgeable in or would like to talk to others about then please let us know and we can incorporate that. We realise that as a global site the times will not suit everyone so we would love you to host something at a time which suits you and others in your part of the world. Whether it is a regular event, a one off topic chat, or a question and answer session, we want to hear from you.

The Club Is Your Oyster

The only thing that limits us is our imagination.

D/s is about exploring limits and pushing boundaries and we want The SWC to be about the same. We don't want to limit it by our own imagination which is why we hope that you will become involved too.

If you have an idea for something that would add to or improve the site, then please let us know. If you would like to start a group, or introduce something that you think others would enjoy or benefit from, then we see that as being a real positive and something that will help the community here to grow and evolve in a collaborative way.