Why Dress?

Why Dress?

Susie is my crossdressing submissive self. In this blog post, I explore why I dress and talk to others about why they dress.

I have asked myself why I cross dress many times. I used to feel guilty about it. I was raised by a ‘bible belter’ who warned me about the ‘evils of lust’. I am now past 50 years of age and its taken until the last three or so to feel confident about being ‘Susie’.

Talking to others online has led to me expressing myself and taking pictures to share. I have given thought to why I am so in need of sharing them and getting feedback and I felt it would be interesting to see why other people dress up and share online.

I asked some members of The Safeword Club…..

“Can dressing up and being a something or someone else help us improve our self confidence or self esteem?”

Here are the responses…

Vixen Lee talked about how dressing up works for her and her dominant. “I have found that he prefers me naked but adding certain jewellery or harness or belt in my thighs brings out my confidence more. It is like erasing that I am naked but I am hiding nothing.”

Bbme said, “Dressing up, regardless of how or in what, lets me open myself up. It makes me vulnerable, or at times stronger. It all depends on the time and day or other of life’s variables. Just be true to yourself.”

LilBrat said, “I have grown in my confidence as I’ve aged. But when I was younger, dressing up, wearing extreme makeup and perhaps even a wig really helped me to create a confident persona. It really helped me to transition that confidence to myself regardless what I’m wearing. Although I do still quite enjoy putting on some sexy clothing for him when we are together.”

NaughtyPrincessGirl said, “Dressing up myself is such a freeing activity. I have my things and hair i can wear to feel an aspect of myself as well. Once i have that on I’m running around wanting to stare at myself in the mirror and I’m dancing. Theres also provocative outfits that i wear as well either if i’m wanting attention from my lover or if i just want to feel sexy for myself. ill even put on slow music to dirty dance to.”

Recently, an online Forum discussed the topic; “Voyeurism”. I asked the group; “Does anyone feel that dressing up as a submissive come from wanting to appeal to a voyeur?”

The forum replied,

Many subs are exhibitionists. However it was also made clear that a submissive will dress as instructed or as the dominant desires and that the submissive feels at peace as dressing brings about their complaint, pleasing persona. It was said that a submissive may also tease to illicit a response. The submissive might also feel empowered to submit by dressing and taking on some other more comfortable or appropriate identity. The reaction of the Voyeur is critical. Wearing lingerie, kink apparel, or adornment signals readiness for the power exchange.


It’s been helpful to think about why others dress up as I make sense of my own submissive behaviour and my want to be an exhibitionist. Susie allows me to flirt, to tease and perhaps to be humiliated. When I am dressed I feel that the dominant has an opportunity to make me humble as a sissy. Being Susie allows me to be someone who feels confident in arousing others when perhaps I have not felt I could be a man who is masculine or ‘Alpha’ enough to attract attention. My submissive nature finds life through Susie and I feel I can be the submissive self while being free of the man I have to be in the vanilla world.

Dressing up is a transgressive experience. When we dress, whether for someone else or for ourselves, the effect is that we become someone who is free of day to day worries as we increase the arousal or interest in ourselves and others.

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  1. I love this post Susie. Cross dressing is a topic which isn’t written about much and I think is very misunderstood so any insight is welcome. I really liked the way you used what others feel about dressing up to reflect on what it means for you too. I would be keen to learn more if as you piece together how it plays into your submission and your submissive headspace. Thank you for sharing. Missy x

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