What’s In a Name: Names and Honorifics

What’s In a Name: Names and Honorifics

The current writing prompt on the Tell Me About… site is “names and honorifics”. An honorific is a “title that conveys esteem, courtesy, or respect for position or rank when used in addressing or referring to a person.” Names and especially honorifics play a significant part in my M/s dynamic, so this seemed like a perfect time to link my first contribution to the TMA site.

Our Names and Honorifics

When my Master and I first “met” on a chat board, He used the name Love2BCruel and I used SirsBabyGirl which quickly became JustBabyGirl. After we established our relationship, my Master chose my new name, CruelsSexPuppet and changed His to match, CruelPuppetMaster. Master says my name was chosen because I exuded sexual energy and He couldn’t wait to make me dance like a puppet on His strings. Master will often substitute the “Sex” in my name with another descriptive word or phrase, such as MySmartAssPuppet or MyVeryGoodPuppet.

I usually refer to CruelPuppetMaster as Master, and less frequently Sir. My Master is strict on the use of honorifics, so His title is used at all times. By using His title of Master, I give Him the honor and respect that He deserves, and I reaffirm my submission to Him.

My Master uses my name in three different ways. Each way represents a different meaning. MySexPuppet indicates something important, an order or displeasure. MyPuppet is general use and shows His ownership of me. Puppet is His pet name for me, showing affection, care and concern. My Master is the only one that calls me puppet. It is His alone, just as I am His alone.

My Master has recently added a new level to our names and honorifics. I now address Him as My Lord when replying to direct orders or when I want to add extra importance to a subject. It is used sparingly so as not to be commonplace but frequently enough not to be absent.

Adding To The Dynamic

This topic was timely for another reason, we recently decided to add another level to our dynamic by exploring my “mittle”. I am not a little, but I do have some personality traits that are definitely not slavelike, but more innocent and what I describe as pastel. Combining the terms middle and little, Master calls this a “mittle”, and He has expressed a desire to get to know His mittle better. A name had to be chosen for His mittle and a title for Him. Since His mittle was not a slave, Master did not seem appropriate. Several options were discussed until we found a name and an honorific we both liked. Thus, Master J. and little miss were born. And since little miss is interested in pet play, we also created Kitty. 😻

Names and honorifics play a big part in our D/s relationship. We use our names and honorifics within our dynamic to show affection and respect, to indicate levels of importance and to affirm our Dominance and submission to each other.

This is the eleventh in a series of posts which follows the training of CruelsSexPuppet. If you enjoy this post, please give it a like and drop a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “What’s In a Name: Names and Honorifics

  1. Thank you for sharing this CSP and thank you for adding your post to Tell Me About too. I really enjoyed reading about the ways that you and CPM use names and honorifics and love the examples that you have given. Names are clearly a big part of your dynamic and I look forward to finding out more about kitty and little miss. Missy x

  2. In their romantic lives, people are like tennis balls with the yin and yang of two panels woven together.

    In their romances The Lovelord, protects and nurtures the Good Girl, and the same lady in her Mistresshood, tends and nurtures her Good Boy.

    Thus they keep them selves in oxytocin and dopamine and out of depression for a jolly long time, if they’re willing and able to alternate in the roles.

    The one-way streets and the relationships involving cruelty are more vulnerable to end in strife or the partners may just move on.

    That’s not to say there aren’t some durable one-way streets, but the partners might find that experimenting in role-reversal might be fun.

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