Welcome to Submission…Panties and Punishment

Welcome to Submission…Panties and Punishment

Panties. I admit I haven’t given them much thought until recently. Sure, in my younger years I had all the flavors: lacy bikinis, thongs, g-strings, matching bra sets, even the horrible “period” panties. But at 51, I’m just happy if they cover my ass without riding up into it. So when my new Master asked me if I had any “sexy” panties, I had to admit that I did not. I was ordered to send Him pictures of what panties I owned, and He confirmed that I did not own any sexy panties, though some He considered “pretty”. I then received my first assignment and my first lesson in submission. I was to go online and find panties worthy of a SexPuppet; however, I WAS NOT to buy anything, but to send links to my Master for approval. Furthermore, I would no longer wear panties unless I asked for and received permission from my PuppetMaster, and He would pick the panties that I wore. I’m sorry, what? I now needed permission to wear panties? And I couldn’t pick which ones to wear? That’s right SexPuppet. Welcome to submission.

Why panties?

I did not question PuppetMaster about His rule regarding my panties. I know enough about D/s dynamics to know that a Dominant has reasons for the rules He makes and they are for the well-being or in the best interest of His submissive. In this case, the rule was my first lesson in the control my Master would have over me. As He explained to me “There are several levels to it but they are all about making the same point: you do not control what happens to your body, your Master does.” So every day I ask PuppetMasters permission to wear panties. Most days He allows them, but not always. I have been sent out in a dress, without panties, on a cold, very windy day. Needless to say, I really showed my ass that day! Some days He doesn’t say yes immediately and I must beg Him for the gift of wearing panties. If I convince Him that wearing them will benefit Him in some way, then He may allow them. And some days, when I have performed well and pleased Him, I am allowed to wear panties of my choosing. But every time I am allowed to wear panties I send my Master a photo of me kissing the panties to show Him my gratitude for allowing me to wear them.

I have found that I don’t mind having my PuppetMaster control this part of my life. Asking Him daily for permission constantly reinforces His dominance over me and sending Him my gratitude picture each morning places me in a submissive mindset. It also makes me feel closer to Him. When I wear panties that He has picked out for me, it feels like having His hand touching my body. It is my responsibility to remember to ask in advance and I still forget sometimes, but I am learning. When I forget to ask, I must do a very good job of begging or I will be spending my day without panties. I do not like going pantiless under clothing, and thankfully my Master has not ordered this very often. The SexPuppet in me does enjoy wearing only a t-shirt around the house and letting my PuppetMaster know that there is nothing underneath. And I’m happy to say that I now have quite the collection of slutty panties that are worthy of His SexPuppet.


Where there are rules, there must be deterrents for breaking those rules. These come in the form of punishments and every submissive will receive one sooner or later. There are so many things that a new sub must learn, and she is going to make mistakes. As much as she wants to be, no one is perfect. My mistake was honorifics. An honorific is the title which your Dom instructs you to call Him or Her. In my case, Master, Sir or PuppetMaster. My Master requires the use of an honorific at all times: open chat, private text, voice and/or video calls. The first time I missed using an honorific, my Master sent me a warning message. The second time I missed using one He let it go. The third time I missed using one, He let me know that punishment would be forthcoming. I apologized, I tried to play the “I’m new” card, I even whined a “must You Master?”, all to no avail. He had warned me, He had let one go and He had no choice but to act on the third one. I couldn’t really disagree. I accepted my punishment, which was mild but unpleasant enough to leave an impression, and the slate was wiped clean. Until 33 minutes later when I committed the same infraction and received my second punishment. I believe I hold the record on The Safewords Club for shortest time between punishments, a title I wear proudly! I am happy to say that I have earned no punishments since. (Edit: until yesterday damn it!)

My first few days as CruelsSexPuppet were a bit of an eye opener. As I mentioned in my previous post, my experience with my first Dom was very brief. Because of this, no rules or protocols were ever established, and no punishments were ever needed. Now I was begging for panties and being punished for forgetting to type “Sir” at the end of a sentence. Could I really do this? Did I really want to do this? I wasn’t sure of the answer to the first question but I knew without a doubt that the answer to the second one was Yes.

This is the second in a series of posts which follows the training of Cruel’s Sex Puppet.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Submission…Panties and Punishment

  1. I can relate a lot to this experience and the shock and excitement when you first feel someone take control of you in this way. It is a lovely feeling and one I am glad to be reminded of. I think this will be really helpful to new subs and Doms starting out and I look forward to learning more about your training. Missy x

    1. Thank you missy. I’m glad this brought up some past memories for you. I hope that it helps others realize that we are all in the same place at one time or another. Even though our dynamics may be different, we experience a lot of the same feelings.

      1. I should now also add a thanks to CPM. I have taken inspiration from this and added a new rule for lotte. It’s not quite the same, but does revolve around the panties she wears.

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