Weekly Events week beginning 24/07/17

The OPEN DOM AND SUB CHATS this week will take place on SUNDAY and THURSDAY from 7pm.  


We had two great TOPIC CHATS last week on D/s during the holidays and Primal Play. 

This TUESDAY the sub’s topic will be ACTIVE SUBMISSION.

Do you ever find that sometimes you need to do more than just follow your rules and complete your rituals to keep the dynamic going? Sometimes circumstances may dictate that we have to be more actively submissive, so come along to the chat from 8pm-9pm in THE SUB’s LOUNGE  to share ideas, swap experiences and find out what others do.

Meanwhile the Doms will be discussing HOW TO PLAN A SCENE so please come along and chat to other Dominants from 8pm-9pm in THE DOM’s SALOON about what has worked and what might not have been so successful. 

On WEDNESDAY we will also have another LITTLE PARTY which will take place in THE SNUG at 8pm-9.30pm EDT. 

As usual As usual we will start with a little bit of little discussion and this week the topic is MIDDLES. The theme for the party this time will be MY LITTLE PONY


Last week we had our first WEEKLY DISCUSSION THREAD so thank you to all of those who took part. The responses can still be viewed although the topic is now closed for further replies. However please come along and add your thoughts to this week’s topic:

What do you use for toy storage?

Please stop by the forum and have your say; the discussion will close on Sunday.

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