As usual we will have our OPEN DOM AND SUB CHATS on SUNDAY and THURSDAY from 7pm.  


We have two TOPIC CHATS for you again this week.  

On TUESDAY the topic will be D/s and SAFETY.

Whether it is keeping safe during play or a scene or being safe when online and out in the local community, safety is so important. Come along from 8pm-9pm in THE DUNGEON to discuss your experiences – good and bad, and share your thoughts and advice with others

On WEDNESDAY Emily will host a chat on BONDAGE AND RESTRAINT.

From ropes and chains to mental bondage and chastity devices, let’s tie you down from 8pm-9pm EDT in THE DUNGEON to chat about this week’s topic.


We also have our monthly WELCOME MEET AND GREET which will take place in THE SNUG at 8pm-10.00pm on WEDNESDAY.  

This is a chance to welcome to all new members (and those who are not so new) so please come along and say hello at the SafeworD/s Club’s monthly meet and greet.


This week the topic for the WEEKLY DISCUSSION THREAD will be:

What is your favourite spanking implement?

So please stop by the forum and have your say; the discussion will close on Sunday.

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