What do you use for toy storage?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion Thread wb 24/07/17

  1. Sir has a large chest that sits at the bottom of Sir closet, this chest locks up it has 2 compartments and a tray in it. Sir keeps toys in it that we haven’t opened yet or don’t use that often or only use for certain scenes. Sir also has 2 large plastic containers that open up on either side and theses are on wheels and slide under our bed. In 1 container Sir puts, rope, small and meduim length chains, paddles,crop, lollipop, clips, different types of nipple clamps, spreader bars my extra cuffs….etc . The other container has all our electrical or rechargeable wands, plugs, bullets, dildos wipes, oils, Arnica cream…ect. Floggers and dragon tail or anything that needs to be hung up are hung up on Sir wall inside Sir closet. We also have a heavy duty pad that is waterproof that covers half of our king size bed that Sir keeps folded on top of the chest.

  2. This is a timely discussion topic for me as i currently wait for my pleasure consultant to arrive with my new order of toys today! I’ve been thinking about the best way to store them. She sells locked cases for storage so I may have to purchase one if I don’t come up with another option. We were keeping them in our night stand drawer in silk toys bags but since our collection has grown we moved to a carry on suit case. I want something that can be better organized though, with compartments and trays but also easily accessible and able to lock.
    So I’ll wait and see what others have to say and hopefully get some ideas!

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