Wax Play- Naked Flame

Wax Play- Naked Flame

For the purposes of full disclosure, I haven’t done a great deal of wax play, or I should say, we haven’t.  It’s not that we have a great aversion to it, it’s just that it’s never high on the priority list.  When have played with wax, it’s been fun and like most people we probably bought the wrong stuff to start with! Table candles are a poor choice due to the fact they have a high burn rate and are full of chemicals that give off black smoke occasionally. Most reputable sex toy companies on line sell the right stuff, just read the reviews before purchasing!

After some research went for a big purple church type candle.  We did the safety precautions ensuring that all areas we didn’t want covered in wax were covered, and that an old towel was laid down.  As this was an experimental run through so there was no preamble to the play, really just dripping wax to see what it felt like. There were no real surprises as we knew that if you dripped low it would be hotter that dripping from height. The lower you drip, the less mess, the higher, more residue splashing.

Wind the clock on a year and we had nice additions to our collection.  Massage oil in candle wax was a nice touch. It smells great and once heated by lighting the wick you pour off the access on your willing assistant. Once set you can go about rubbing the scented wax/oil into the skin.  Great idea, except for the fact the little china jug it comes in can get hot and may burn your fingers, drop it and get it all over the bedclothes and carpet; of course that never happened, and we won’t ever bring that up again, because it never happened and marks are not my fault…

Now beyond that, we haven’t gone back to it.  We do have candles and a great protective cover made the guys at Sheets of San Francisco which is worth a look when you have time. I suppose for me you either have to have a creative night in to make nice patterns or you need a back story to go with your play to tie it all together.  Dripping candle wax on someone with no purpose is just dripping candle wax on someone.

Please do not think that this type of play does not hold any value because it does. You just need to be in the right frame of mind and have purpose to it.  Without doubt wax play is something the two of you can play at, and swap round for some fun.  The likes of Purplesole have turned it in to something really arty and even have a video if you follow their link.  Of course wax play can be used for some real kinky play and involve genitals should you wish!  I would suggest oiling the skin first and keep away from hair as one allows the wax to come off easier and the other, well, the other involves a lot of restorative work.

My last comment on the subject is that this play involves hot chemicals and naked flames. Safety has to be you primary concern so make sure there is no lose hanging material for a naked flames to catch to, and to be real careful and have a large glass of cold water to hand to douse any flame or cool overheated skin.  Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Wax Play- Naked Flame

  1. I loved reading this post. I love wax play and have added to my dictionary in describing the sensation. I’m sorry you haven’t got so much from it.

    I would just like to add… please don’t use oil in reas you’re going to use wax. Accidents happen and wax gets hot. If the too hot wax lands on oiled skin you are at much greater risk of burns. The oil will cook the skin (lecture over, sorry)

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