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Madame Bovary the book for December 2020

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      Posy Churchgate

      Hello book loving friends.

      We met and discussed the book for November: Making Him Wait by Kay Jaybee

      I met Kay at a recent erotic conference for writers and bloggers and podcasters, where she was running writing workshops and I’ve been a fan ever since!

      Our readers enjoyed the book, we discussed plenty of hot arty-themed scenes to make one of your hands go wandering, so if you haven’t read it, we thoroughly recommend this book. Check out Life of a Kinky Wife’s blog as she will be reviewing it.

      But onto our next book – Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert. It is translated from the original French version, so it’s recommended that you get a good translation if you’d like to read along with us. It is also on Audible I’m told (and was recently recommended on BBC2 show Between the Covers).

      I know Christmas preparations / celebrations might make it harder to find time read, but we plan to meet on Wednesday 30 December, so download the book, the audio or read your new or well thumbed copy and join us in the Library for a chat about what you thought.

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      Was this discussed?

      I have had some struggles with my mental health and haven’t been about much on the scene. If you have a new date and I can fit it in it would be nice to catch up

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      Hiya, we met in the library last Wednesday and discussed Madame Bovary. The conversation is still there, if you wanted to catch up? Venus in Furs is up next. I think on the 3rd of Feb.

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