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      Posy Churchgate

      Here are the suggestions for the April book – we will meet to discuss at 9 pm on Wednesday 5 May (GMT)

      Please let me know your preference either on Twitter @PosyChurchgate or by replying here. Books not chosen this month could roll forward to May.

      1) Fear of Flying (feminism, humour) – Erica Jong

      2) Plain Bad Heroines (FF) – Emily Danforth

      3) Finding her Luck (primal) – Isoellen

      4) The Liar’s Wife (thriller) – Samantha Hayes

      5) Her Choice (erotic, D/s) – J S Sontrue

      6) Sticky Fingers & Warm Leatherette (erotic stories) – Zak Jane Keir

      I need your choice by 12/4/21 please.


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