Tickle Torture

Dominants will be referred to as male and submissives referred to as female in this post because that’s easiest for me to write about.

Tickle torture which is also called knismolagnia or titillagnia or knismophilia. Tickle torture is where the Dom tickles the sub to reinforce his dominance and her submission or to punish the sub. It causes the sub to lose control of herself and provides a continuous sensation compared to other types of play. The Chinese used tickling as a form of torture to get information from soldiers from other lands.

Good places to tickle are underarms, sides, inner thighs, feet, neck or even light trailing on a person’s body. Tickling and impact, if done right, can be a wonderful cycle. Being tickled releases endorphins which increases a person’s pain tolerance and the cycle continues on its own. It can also be used with humiliation eg “You’re enjoying this, I can tell by how hard you’re laughing” and “Are you getting wet just from me tickling you? You’re such a slut, any sort of touch sets you”.

Tickling usually is done with hands and fingers but can also be done with feathers, makeup brushes, toothbrushes, pens, knives, plastic combs, chopsticks, silk, ends of a flogger and vibrators; think outside the box! Tickling does not allow the sub to speak so signals should be used as safewords and look for signs or respiratory distress like coughing or hiccups. If the submissive is restrained while being tickled careful that they do not get abrasions or strains. Use something soft like pillowcases or scarfs and tie them loosely. Also the submissive might need to use the bathroom during play, take precautions of letting them go before starting. But tickling a person until they wet themselves can be part of it if all parties agree.

There is erotic tickling which is light and sensual and there’s more extreme tickling that causes the submissive a great amount of pain quickly, hence tickle torture. Set limits like a time limit, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and so on. Tickle torture is great for Doms who are shorter and smaller than their subs to dominate them.There is even a website for tickle torture.

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