The OPEN DOM AND SUB CHATS this week will take place on SUNDAY and THURSDAY from 7pm as usual. 


On TUESDAY the topic for our focused TOPIC CHAT will be IMPACT TOYS & TECHNIQUES Pt3.

Following on from our previous chat on impact play, we have made some additional swinging space to look at the toys themselves and the techniques you use. How do you make your toys come life as a Dom and what happens at the receiving end for the sub? This week we will focus Crop and Canes – from 8pm-9pm in THE DUNGEON. 


On WEDNESDAY we will also have a Dom & sub chat on Bondage & Restraint Pt2 which will take place in THE DUNGEON at 8pm-9pm EDT.  

The topics covered will be self bondage, metal bondage, cuffs and posture collars.  


The topic for the WEEKLY DISCUSSION THREAD will be:

Toys – Safe Storage and Hygiene  – Helpful Tips and Warnings!

Please join us in the forum and add your thoughts.

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