Fear and Excitement

Fear and Excitement

I think most people agree that there is a fine line between Fear and Excitement.  Somewhere in our makeup, chemicals produce the emotions we feel and without digging too deep into an anatomy class I am sure there is only an X or a Y between Excitement and Fear. So, what make this type of response during play so addictive?

Like most creatures on this planet we have a built-in fight or flight response, however, humans seem to have harnessed a way of replicating it and enjoying.  A good example would be a rollercoaster, which I know is not for everyone, but then again neither is flogging or anal sex!  I will use the rollercoaster as my test bed because there are a lot of similarities to some of the risky play you or I may get up to.

Skipping the lengthy queue to get on the ride, let’s jump in to the car, get comfortable and pull down the safety bar.  I see this very much akin to telling your sub you are going to start playing, in fact skipping the queue probably was a lost opportunity to become more excited about the ride that awaits! It never to early to build anticipation, just look at advertising campaigns with their continual and consistent messages.

So, there we are building up the anticipation to the scene. You may have hinted what was to come, carefully positioned some toys that will be seen just to boost the interest. One of my favourites is to leave an ‘extreme’ toy out to be seen, even though I have no intention of using it.  That could be the jolt of the coaster car as it starts to move off just before the very long climb to the top of ride.  It is slow, calculated and offers a view of some small portions of the track ahead. That climb is the tension you create with your sub either by restraining them, teasing them, stripping them or simply talking to them to reassure they are safe and the rules you have agreed upon.  Is it all a mixture of Fear and Excitement.  Fight or flight creates butterflies in the stomach and if the ride looks really scary, that weight in the pit of your stomach weighs heavy.

Finally, we reach the top and we make one last check the safety bar is locked (we all do it).  This is the point of no return and no matter what you do, you have made a commitment to hand control to your Dom – carefully disguised as a rollercoaster car!  That point of no return is when you know you have full consent of your sub, that they have been teased sufficiently to give off signals that the next stage can take place and you tip over the edge in to both Fear and Excitement!

We will assume that every up, down, twist and turn are all part of your play.  Breath taking and aching from whatever your Dom has decided to expose you to.  Just when you think it is all over you are told that is still another long drop coming and the chemicals flow faster. Changing direction from left to right and travelling up and down does not distract your sub from their enjoyment because you are always moving forward. Sometimes slow, other times fast, but always forward. Your commitment is consistent and always taking things further.

Finally, the car shoots back into the station with a jolt and with tears in your eyes, gasping from breath and full of nervous energy you stumble from the car.  Will legs shaking you look back over your shoulder. People are saying, ‘never again,’ you, however, are screaming, ‘Again, again again!!’


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  1. I completely understand this. When MrH builds up to a play scene it’s always more satisfying and intense than play that seems to “just happen”.

    It’s not even that it takes much to help build it. A text, a few words.. a “I can’t wait to get you naked later” is enough to start the imagination running wild.

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