The lube we love ~ stick around and read on

The lube we love ~ stick around and read on

Although in some corners of our still very vanilla world lube might be viewed as a shameful product, bought by people who are past their sell by date, thanks to the growth of the porn industry, this underrated product has become more mainstream in the past while. And although those of us who regularly indulge still view many of the supermarket brands with some disdain, it has brought lube to a wider circle of users than ever before. So, as consumers who clearly feel no shame, we are here to proudly share the lubes we love and use. Stick around to find out which lubes we love, and which we would leave on the counter!

Knowing your product

Basically, lube falls into three different categories: silicone based, water based and natural. Each have their use and each will have good and bad points. After that, it is probably down to personal preference as to which you love and why.

Water based lube

Water based lube is probably the most common type of lube and a great all rounder. It is lighter than many of the silicone based lubes and can be easily wiped off when it is no longer needed. Some of the cheaper supermarket brands can go sticky so it is worth doing a bit of research and looking further afield. Water based lube is toy safe and compatible for use with condoms, although it is always worth checking the labels.

Silicone based lube

Silicone based lube tends to be much longer lasting than its water based counterpart, and is waterproof so it will not wipe off quite as easily. This makes it good for play in the shower, and as with the water based lube, should be safe to use with condoms. One disadvantage of a silicone based lube is that it will not be safe for toys with a silicone or real-feel coating. The lube will break your toys down, causing them to ’melt’ leave a sticky, toxic layer. That said, it is great for use with metal and glass toys.

Natural products which can be used as lube

While not advertised as such, products such as coconut oil can make a good natural lube. Although not as long lasting as the water based or silicone based lubes, for those who worry about what goes into a product, this could make a nice alternative. Caught lubeless once, deep in the heart of Tuscany, HL did resort to using olive oil (virgin of course) for anal sex. Although I would not recommend this, it did the job, and he was soon able to ease in nicely.

To lube or not to lube

While previously seen as a tool for those who no longer produced their own lubrication, lube is now something that is enjoyed in many relationships. It isn’t only about making penetration easier, it can really enhance the pleasure during foreplay and sensual touch. For those of us in D/s relationships, play can last for hours, and so having a ready supply of a good lube can really assist and make things more enjoyable, especially when using toys for long periods of time.

The saying for anal is always to add loads of lube and then add some more and, because the anus is not self-lubricating, some of the slippery stuff will always ease entry and keep things comfortable, whether you are talking a finger, or a toy, or something larger! For this reason, there are lubes marketed especially for anal play and they tend to be thicker than the average, whether water based or silicone based. If you are new to anal, or are going to play that way a lot, it is worth having a look and trying out something speically made for that purpose.

And finally …… the lube we love

During our lube chat the other night, I took some notes, and the following are the lubes of choice amongst our members.

  • Lubido: Long-lasting, super slick and doesn’t go sticky or tacky. This is a water based lubricant which can be easily re-hydrated with a few drops of water if it starts to dry on the skin. Vegan friendly, paraben free, hypoallergenic and latex safe.
  • Liquid Silk: Enjoyed by some for it’s ’cum-like’ appearance, this lube is water based but with a touch of silicone for a smooth long-lasting edge. Safe with toys and ideal for intimate massage, this is another popular lube amongst our members.
  • Astroglide: Popular with our friends across the pond, Astroglide make a range of lubricants from water based, to silicone based, to a thicker gel style. They even have a warming liquid style too if that is your scene!
  • Gun Oil: Ideal for anal play, gun oil is a silicone blend that is ultra-concentrated, very slick and water-resistant. It won’t break down or dry out, and although a bit pricier, a little goes a long way.
  • Slube: If you are into sploshing, Slube is the one for you. Voted Innovation of the Year 2016 by the Sexhibition Awards, Slube is a powder which creates a thick slime when added to water. Definitely more for messy play, it is a body-safe, all-over lubricant.

So there you have it – SWC member endorsed lubes! I hope you have found this post helpful and please feel free to slip your own thoughts and recommendations on into the comments below.

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