Orgasms: The Icing on My Cake

Orgasms: The Icing on My Cake

In our early years I would say that orgasms were few and far between. Not through lack of opportunity as we’ve always had lots of sex, it’s just that I didn’t orgasm every time. I’m sure I read or watched somewhere that not all women orgasm. Luckily for me it wasn’t an issue for me because I find sex enjoyable, I like the intimacy, the connecting, skin on skin, the snuggles after, the whole package really. So I just assumed I was one of those women who it didn’t happen for every time we had sex (unless the stars aligned or it was a full moon or something) and when it did it was extra icing on the cake.

At this point I hadn’t owned or used a vibrator or any other sex toy either. My view was I had a willing penis on tap pretty much whenever I wanted it so why would I need a vibrator, it’s just a penis shaped piece of plastic right? Anyway the never say never rule came into play and I popped into our local sex shop and, with the help of the assistant (not in a scene from a porno sort of way), I brought my first vibrator and entered into the world of 99% guaranteed orgasm. This little beauty, in the hands of Sir, was a revelation. I think it brought Sir nearly as much pleasure as me, watching my body’s reaction. This also became my goto when Sir wasn’t at home and since the toy cupboard has grown we have more choice.

I never ask permission to orgasm or denied one as long as we have time. Quick fucks or blow jobs are the exceptions, as are sex before; work, going out or kids returning home. While all of these are exciting and fun I rarely orgasm when rushed. I don’t ask permission to play with myself or to orgasm when Sir is not here. It’s not unusual after an afternoon of play and a couple of orgasms, for me to go to bed that evening, thinking about the fun we had, and treat myself to another one. Sir is happy for me to orgasm as often as I can and I enjoy texting or telling him what I’ve been up to while he’s not here. He enjoys hearing what a greedy, rude girl I’ve been and can easily heat us both up quickly again. Win, win for us both.

I would say more of my orgasms are from clitoral stimulation, some from deep vaginal penitration and a few from anal. I can’t say I have a favourite because they’re orgasms and they are all marvellous. There are times, while using clitoral stimulation and I orgasm, I want to and have started to giggle. The stimulation is tickling, almost too much and at the same time, close to painful but I don’t want it to stop.

I’ll briefly mention squirting as I can count on 1 hand the number of times I think I have squirted. Both were totally different. Once during anal, I was face down with stimulation on my clit, and once when I was alone using a wand. It’s not something we have persued or avoided. If we’re having fun and it happens it happens. At this point I feel my cake is well and truly iced along with everything around it.


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  1. Loved reading about your experiences Lilly. I totally agree when you mention texting your partner about what you’ve done, it’s a big turn on that can brighten your day when not together.

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