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Just over two months ago, HisLordship and I opened the virtual doors of The SafeworD/s Club.  The idea behind the site was to provide a safe and friendly place for Dominants and submissives to come along, meet others, and chat. Our thinking was that we wanted to be able to provide somewhere for people to share their experience and also learn from each other. We have always appreciated the support that we have had from the friends we have made on this journey and on a selfish level we wanted to build on that, as well as offering the same to others.


I think that for both of us, chatting to others, whether they have more or less experience of D/s than we do, is a really helpful process. It definitely helps with my mindset and allows me to reflect on the dynamic that we have, as well as to think about my own submission. In the short time that the club has been open I feel that I have learnt a lot, and have often been left with lots of new and exciting ideas buzzing around in my head. It has also helped my thinking as the discussion we have had has altered the way that I approach something or my understanding of it, and this is the great thing about having a variety of different people with different perspectives in the same place at the same time.


We worked really hard to get it all up and running and knew what we hoped to create, but we were always aware that the success would be down to the people who came along, and whether or not they decided they wanted to stick around. I have to say we were excited but I was also extremely nervous. I was worried that it would be a flop and that no one would join. I have said often enough on my own blog that I feel so lucky in the friends that we have made since we started this journey. And once again they were the key. They came along and have been there to support us ever since and for this we are truly grateful. We have also been delighted at all the new people who we have met who have given us a chance and are helping to make this a real Dominant and submissive community.


It is quite amazing in two short months how far we have come. Initially our focus was just the live chat and we have been so pleased that we have been able to move from the topic chat at 8pm BST to add another weekly chat at 8pm EDT (thanks Emily and the other littles), as that is more suitable for lots of our members who are across the pond. We would still like to add to the chats, so if anyone has an interested in arranging one, then please just let us know.  It was also suggested that we move the open chat from a Monday to a Sunday so that people in other time zones would be able to attend , which has proved to be really successful. The idea behind the open chats was so that members would have key times when they knew they would find other users to talk to. However, activity has increased of late and many are hopping on at other times to chat in the Main Lounge, which is exactly what we had hoped would happen.


Although we started thinking this would be just a chat site, it soon became clear that it would be helpful to have somewhere to post questions or share information that could be recalled again and again. In order to address this, we added the forums which are starting to fill up nicely, so a big thanks to everyone who is creating new topics and responding to the threads that are there. As the site grows, we hope that the forums will too and the wealth of knowledge and expertise that is posted there will be a great resource for others to access and learn from. 


As I am sure you know, HisLordship and I both have blogs and have really benefited from reading and talking about the other posts on WordPress. Quite a few of our members also blog and so a few weeks back, we added a news feed of recent posts from our regular members. This can be found in the side bar on the blog page and the forum page, so if you have not yet seen it, you might want to check it out. In order to build on this, and the information the forums, we have decided to use the blog on the site for more than just the noticeboard postings that we began with. Again, the idea is to create a bank of posts on D/s topics which will be interesting and useful to other members.


We feel that a good site, and a good D/s club, will always be representative of the members who use it so we hope to have a number of different people writing articles for the blog. We hope that this will lead to a variety of topics and a range of views and will reinforce the idea that there is no one true way to do this thing. It has to be what works for you and I would always advise taking the bits that you think will work and leaving the bits that don’t, as in order to be happy and make it sustainable, it has to fit for you. 


If anyone is interested in writing for the blog then please get in touch with HisLordship or myself either on chat, via email or through the contact page.

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