long distance

Time To Play-BDSM Long Distance

Did I mention my Master lives 2,500 miles away from me? Talk about safety in distance! Fortunately for me, my PuppetMaster has some experience with an online D/s relationship. A long distance BDSM relationship can work, it just takes time and commitment, just like any relationship. We communicate daily, we play several times a week […]

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A girl like you

How’d a girl like you…

end up in a place like this? Good question. It started innocently enough: bad football, interesting conversation, lunch, no kiss, more conversation, I’m a dominant, want to play, Ohhh that kind of Dominant and suddenly I had a Dom. But what did that really mean? We didn’t live together, we barely knew each other. He […]

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training your submissive wife

Training as a submissive wife

Training is a term often thrown around in the world of Dominance and submission, but to find out what it actually means and involves can be quite hard. As with everything, training means different things to different people and this post reflects an interpretation of it which comes from within a married dynamic. I say […]

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