As a pastime, journaling seems it seems to have undergone a surge in popularity in recent years, with people turning to journals as a response to a busy and over-committed life where they need to take time out for themselves to reconnect and organise the many demands. It can be a helpful way to de-clutter […]

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These are unprecedented times without doubt. If you are reading this in 2040 maybe the financial impact of Covid-19 may be over. The unfortunate thing is that the new generation of bloggers will be paying for it similar to those of the 1960s paying the debt of the Second World War. Either way, it will […]

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Being dominant or submissive and romantic

How to be Dominant or submissive and Romantic

Sometimes people in D/s relationships feel that there is little room left for being romantic. Why is this? Well one reason could be because the elements of romance are so well embedded in what you do anyway that you have stopped noticing they are there. Creating a sense of excitement and mystery may be one […]

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Tell Me About … Pain

For the majority of people who are into BDSM, pain and pleasure seem to walk hand in hand. How you feel and the way that you experience each will vary greatly from person to person and will be dependent on a variety of other factors, but there is usually a close relationship between the two. […]

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Anal Training- littlegem lying naked on a bed, the lamp shade in focus.

Anal Training: beginner to expert guide

I really enjoy anal play of any kind and have done for quite a while. Anal sex is something PurpleSole and I jumped into doing fairly early on in our relationship, over 10 years ago. What I didn’t do is read the best ways to engage in the activity to get the most pleasure and […]

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Spanking and Me - picture of Emma's bottom with rose tattoo

Spanking and me

Spanking had never been a something we dabbled in. It had never been discussed. Never seen in a movie or read in a book. Never suggested. Until one day… During pregnancy, my hormones skyrocket and I am a horny mess. I am much more forward in my initiation than is my o-so-coy usual approach. So, […]

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Tell Me About … Bondage

Bondage is a huge part of our play. I like the feeling of excitment, nervousness and freedom that runs through me all at the same time. The excitement because I love this sort of play, nervousness because I don’t know exactly how or what we will play with and the freedom to let go when […]

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