Feminist - image of wonderwoman in chains

Dominance, submission and feminism

Ever since I can remember I have been a feminist. As a child, I refused to play with Barbie dolls, saying they looked ridiculous. In High School I was the sort of girl that tore down FHM centrefolds from the common room walls whilst shouting about the casual objectification of the female body and at […]

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Topic Chat / Shaping submission / 8pm-9pm BST

As a Dominant, how do you shape your sub’s behaviour? How do you influence them and which tools of the power exchange do you use? If you are a sub, how do you shape your own behaviour? What are you doing to make sure you keep your mindset as submissive as you can?  Join us […]

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Brats – The Wild Submissives

Brats – The Wild submissives is a guest post by Deviant Succubus. Although not a member of The SWC, she is a regular contributor to Tell Me About… and we are delighted that she agreed to write this piece for us.  What is a brat in BDSM and D/s? Both within the kink community and […]

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collar n cuffs

Collar n cuffs

We are not 24/7 D/s so day collars have never been on the list and even if we were 24/7 I don’t know if I would have one anyway. We have been married for 25 years, Sir has never had a wedding ring and I rarely wear one. It just isn’t a priority for us. […]

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submission and I

Submission and I

I had a little fantasy in my little box, locked away until….. you guessed it, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. I’ve never been a lover of books but started to read a lot more. I couldn’t get enough of them. Throw in a life changing event that made me think ‘fuck it life is too short’, […]

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Primal play – bite me

Odaxelagnia is identified as a sexual paraphilia or kink whereby one experiences sexual pleasure and arousal from biting and/or being bitten. Odaxelagnia is sometimes associated with sexual vampirism but, generally, most forms of sexual biting do not tend to draw blood for obvious infection risk reasons. Apparently, human saliva contains at least 50 species of bacteria, and […]

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