Discreet D/s

Discreetly showing a D/s-relationship in public

If you are in a 24/7-D/s-relationship, after some time the question may arise as to whether it would be possible to show this way of living a bit in public. People who live this way don’t want to hide their lifestyle completely then, simply because that is who they are. To them, it has become […]

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Rituals: the why the how and the what

Why we have rituals For most D/s couples, rituals are quite an important part of what they do. Although they are often the small things, an action, a word, a deed, they can help to keep the right mindset for both of you. They do this by reinforcing the power exchange and essentially highlighting the […]

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Topic Chat / Rules and Rituals / 8pm-9pm BST

Please come and join us in The Dungeon for a chat about Rules and Rituals. How do you use rules and rituals to support your dynamic? Are they the glue in your relationship? What works and has value? Please schedule us in and join us for this week’s topic chat.

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