Rituals: the why the how and the what

Why we have rituals For most D/s couples, rituals are quite an important part of what they do. Although they are often the small things, an action, a word, a deed, they can help to keep the right mindset for both of you. They do this by reinforcing the power exchange and essentially highlighting the […]

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Accessories and Mindset - image from Bijoux Indescrits

Accessories and Mindset

The theme for our topic chat this week is accessories and mindset. This really goes further than just thinking about what we wear as part of play, to tapping in to how accessories can make us feel. Sometimes certain things will bring with them a particular memory and trigger a feeling based on how they […]

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Topic Chat / Maintaining Mindset / 8pm-9pm EST

The topic for Thursday’s chat this week is maintaining mindset. This will be the last chat that Emily hosts for a little while as she will be putting her feet up to begin her maternity leave, so please come along and join Emily in the Dungeon from 8pm EST. Please note that timings for this […]

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