limits and boundaries

Limits and Boundaries

In relationships, knowing your partner’s limits and boundaries is essential. If you don’t know what they are then you can’t observe them. Neither can you push them. In a D/s relationship this is even more important. Observing limits and boundaries is part of building trust in the other person. So is communicating around your own […]

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humiliation was a limit

Erotic Humiliation was a Limit

Erotic humiliation as a concept was a hard limit for me at first because of my history. The idea of allowing myself to to be vulnerable in such a way was unthinkable because it terrified me. As the relationship between my Sir and I evolved, he nurtured a trust from me that I thought I […]

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Thinking about playing in public?

The prospect of taking play outwith the privacy of one’s home and playing in public at an event can often polarise opinions. Sometimes the answer is a resounding no, others may feel curious and wonder how the experience would feel and sometimes the response is an enthusiastic yes, let’s try it!  I think there are […]

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