Creating a D/s contract

Creating a D/s Contract

The first thing I want to say is that you don’t need a D/s contract. This site is not somewhere that we tout the one true way of D/s relationships so whenever I write an instructional piece I always shudder at the thought that someone might think that this is a how to guide. The […]

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Rituals: the why the how and the what

Why we have rituals For most D/s couples, rituals are quite an important part of what they do. Although they are often the small things, an action, a word, a deed, they can help to keep the right mindset for both of you. They do this by reinforcing the power exchange and essentially highlighting the […]

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I’m A Changing Man

There are people of various genders who have the role of dominant in their relationship, and find it something that is naturally a good fit. Equally there are many that strive to be that type of  person and find it harder than others, and yet they continue to try hard. It’s good to have aims, […]

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Forced Orgasm Scene

The first proper scene the we did when we started D/s was a forced orgasm scene and it remains one of the easiest ways for me to reach subspace. To get to that point would probably be between 4 and 6 separate orgasms but with rolling ones in between. * * * * * * […]

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Communication and D/s

Communication has been the key in helping us to build and maintain our D/s dynamic. For us, the foundations are love, trust, respect, honesty and open communication, but really we have found that the communication is the glue that holds the rest together. When we stop communicating well, or openly, the other elements seem to […]

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