A girl like you

How’d a girl like you…

end up in a place like this? Good question. It started innocently enough: bad football, interesting conversation, lunch, no kiss, more conversation, I’m a dominant, want to play, Ohhh that kind of Dominant and suddenly I had a Dom. But what did that really mean? We didn’t live together, we barely knew each other. He […]

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Resets – what, why and how

What is a reset? I am not sure if resets are things which exist formally in D/s relationships or if they are something we have made up, but if it isn’t a thing then it should be because it is quite important. It was only when I was thinking about it for the chat we held […]

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Consent is a serious topic and it is a complicated and contentious area in BDSM. For us consent is always present unless a safe word is used, but in reality Sir would never ask me to do something that I didn’t want to. The level of trust we have is huge and it means that […]

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Communication and D/s

Communication has been the key in helping us to build and maintain our D/s dynamic. For us, the foundations are love, trust, respect, honesty and open communication, but really we have found that the communication is the glue that holds the rest together. When we stop communicating well, or openly, the other elements seem to […]

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