Topic Chat / Shaping Dominance / 8pm-9pm BST

As a submissive, how do you encourage dominant behaviour? How do you use the power exchange to nurture and support your Dom, especially in the beginning? If you are a Dom, how do you shape your own behaviour? What do you do to make sure you keep your mindset as dominant as you can?  Join […]

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Brats – The Wild Submissives

Brats – The Wild submissives is a guest post by Deviant Succubus. Although not a member of The SWC, she is a regular contributor to Tell Me About… and we are delighted that she agreed to write this piece for us.  What is a brat in BDSM and D/s? Both within the kink community and […]

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Headspace - Gem as puppy naked with a tail

Finding an Alternative Headspace

Everyone will be different as a headspace is very personal and individual. This is how it is for me and how it works in our dynamic. I am certainly no expert.   I think the most important part of finding an alternative headspace is initially thinking about the space you want to be in and […]

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