self reflection

Self Reflection. Me?

One would assume that having been in a D/s relationship for a fair few years now I would have a good grasp on where I am with myself.  Well the faux surprise is that I didn’t, until today.  Missy and I have been discussing her needs and specific kinks that press her buttons, or more […]

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Topic Chat / Effective Communication / 8pm-9pm BST

Whether you are a Dom or a sub, getting your words out sometimes can be difficult. This week we are talking about tips for how to communicate effectively when you may not know how you are feeling, are scared of rejection, or just don’t know how to express how you feel in a way which […]

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Always have a Safeword

A lot of our play is impact play so, for us, a safeword is important to be able to stop play. Having said that I can only think of 1 time when it has been used by me. To be honest, on this occasion, I knew my head was not in the right space even […]

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emotional needs

Meeting Emotional Needs and Daring Greatly

Well, this week love is in the air and with the approach of Valentines Day, romance is on the agenda. For many there is a focus on gifts, and on the sexy and spicy aspects of relationships, but without feeling supported on an emotional level, many of the grander gestures will fall flat. Being in […]

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I’m A Changing Man

There are people of various genders who have the role of dominant in their relationship, and find it something that is naturally a good fit. Equally there are many that strive to be that type of  person and find it harder than others, and yet they continue to try hard. It’s good to have aims, […]

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