The SWC Events week beginning 28/08/17


As usual we will have our OPEN DOM AND SUB CHATS on SUNDAY and THURSDAY from 7pm.  


We have two TOPIC CHATS for you again this week.  

On TUESDAY the topic will be on IMPACT PLAY.

Please join us for this week’s chat on impact play – from crops to paddles to canes to ……., we will be talking about what works, how and why. Please come along and hit us with your thoughts from 8pm-9pm in THE DUNGEON.

On WEDNESDAY Emily will host the second part of her chat on BONDAGE AND RESTRAINT.

The topics covered this time will be self bondage, metal bondage, cuffs and posture collars.  Please come along from 8pm-9pm EDT in THE DUNGEON to chat about this week’s topic

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