It is hard to believe that missy and I have been running the SafeworD/s Club for nearly 5 years. When I think back to the one- or two-page blog we started with, and then adding plug-in after plug-in to make it almost unmanageable, I have to laugh. We knew little back then of web sites and most was trial and error, YouTube videos for me and pages of written instruction for missy. In the end we built something we were comfortable with and a site that our members felt at home in.

Most of what you see today has been the work of missy. Forever looking at new ways and features to provide a resource and a community that was safe and met the needs of the everyday kinky person. I found the funding and missy found ways to spend it, and from there we have managed to run the site free of charge to members.

Unfortunately, the smaller service providers we started with have grown and so has their customer base allowing them to increase fees for services such as the site’s popular chat function. Since the early days the cost has grown 300% for that service alone and priced us out of the market as a customer. Even with donations from friends it has been a hand to mouth existence.

Very recently several members kindly donated money to keep the SWC going and for that we are incredibly grateful. Previous donations have dried up and this new cash injection allowed to upgrade a few key functions and pay for services into mid-2021. There are two ways members can contribute to the future of the site financially. Firstly, there is the option of a onetime donation or a monthly contribution, both of which we are grateful for. The monthly option, regardless of amount helps pay in part for subscription services, IT support and allows us to plan for the future when looking at development.

In time we will have to charge a membership fee to new members, however, in the short to medium term we would politely ask that if you use this resource and you find personal value in it, please consider both the financial and personal we employ to keep the site running. Every penny of a donation goes directly to the development and maintenance of the site that many of you call a second home that is welcoming, inclusive and above all safe.

HL & missy


  1. We are all grateful and thankful for all you and Missy do running SWC and all of us members of SWC. We are a tight community and we will always find ways to help and support one another. SWC has truly become a safe place to be 100% me. I found myself here and so have many others. I can see how much it has grown. Thank you for everything HL and Missy….VL

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