So you want to try rope play?

So you want to try rope play?

Rope play is the topic for Tell Me About this week and I realised we didn’t have a post about it on our blog so wanted to put something together. What I have done is to try to collect some resources by way of advice and instruction as there is quite a lot out there and it can be daunting to know where to start.

There is a lot to think about when embarking on rope bondage, especially for a Dominant, and safety has to be at the forefront of your planning and of your play. It is essential to be aware of your submissive or bottom and to look our for any changes due to the pressure of the tie. Having tools on hand for quick release is also vital so make sure that you have read up on safety before you start.

Safety is not just the issue for a Top or Dom. A bottom has to communicate and let them know how things feel. It can be nice to feel the pressure and tightness of the rope but if sensation is lost then this can be a problem so make sure that you communicate this.

There is also a skill in tying so practice is key to things going well. Starting with some simple projects should help to build your confidence and also give a good ideas of what sorts of things you like.

If you are able to be part of a local kink community, you will find that many of them have groups who meet regularly to teach and support each other with this form of play. You can often find details of these on Fetlife if meeting others is an option for you.

If meeting in real life is not something you are able to do for whatever reason, there are some great resources online which provide tutorials which may help. I collected together some of the ones we have used but please feel free to add recommendations in the comments.


Uberkinky has a lot of good guides and the Beginner’s Guide to Rope Bondage covers most of the basic things you should be thinking about from safety aspects, to starter ties to types of rope.

The Two Knotty Boys have some excellent video tutorials on your tube which will take you through a variety of ties you can try. They also have a website, Two Knotty Boys and books they have written which can be found on Amazon.

The Duchy is another trusty resource and pitches itself as a website which contains instructions on how to tie up willing partners for mutual fun and adventure.  It contains tutorials and discussions on rope bondage.

Playing with rope can be exciting for both of you. Not only does it fall into the area of bondage and restraint, it is also very sensual as it involves a lot of touch. It can really connect you due to the intimate nature of the play and the focus that you each have on the other.

In terms of Dominance and submission, rope play works really well as the vulnerability of the submissive is clear. Feeling bound can not only add to the submissive mindset but can lead to a strong feeling of being in control for the Dominant.

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