When Reality becomes Fantasy

When Reality becomes Fantasy

In the words of my Sir. SX


So, we plucked up the courage to visit the sex/swinger’s club for the third time. Full of excitement and anticipation we drove to the venue, both full of nervous tension.

On arrival we assured each other that we were both still 100% up for it, although deep down I think either of us could easily have been swayed. We gingerly made our way to the entrance, not daring to release each other’s hand. We stepped inside and paid our entrance fee, also a deposit for a locker. We headed upstairs and placed our belongings into the locker. We headed out eagerly yet nervously into the main part of the club. The atmosphere was different this time, several clusters of people scattered around and various singles looking for “opportunities”. We satisfied our curiosity and sat in the disco area to have a drink and quietly observe. It soon became apparent that a friendly smile could easily be mis-construed as an invitation to join us.

It was pretty quiet really, however, there was one couple sat at the far side of the club that definitely stood out from the crowd. She was brunette, cut into a stylish bob, pretty face and wearing a topless corset and stockings. He was well groomed, tall, dark, well dressed and as my wife would say “easy on the eye”. There was a little activity on the dance floor with a couple of “newbies” being encouraged to try their hand at pole dancing and a rowdy group in the corner thoroughly enjoying themselves!!All the time my eyes were drawn to the other couple and I think they felt the same. A fleeting, coy glance from time to time, a flick of the hair, a knowing half smile……I wonder??

We took another walk around looking in each room, around every corner, hoping to get a glimpse of some erotic fun, but sadly for us nothing was to our taste. We headed back to the disco and took our seats. Then, bang, there they were, standing straight in front of us. To be honest she looked even more sexy standing and her figure reminded me of my sexy wife’s sat next to me. It was now that we openly discussed them, we both agreed they were attractive, fit, FUCKABLE!  They seemed to be awkwardly avoiding eye contact, but obviously knowing that they were being observed. They both looked confident and comfortable with this, and she began to dance a little to the music as he watched approvingly.

…..becomes Fantasy

We both agreed that we should approach them. Calmly we walked over and instantly a smile broke out over both of their faces. Wow! What a relief! This felt great! No knock back, no awkwardness, RESULT!! We began to chat, “Do you come here often?” “Have you visited any other clubs?” “Have you travelled far?” All the usual “ice breakers”. It was so easy, relaxed and the conversation flowed. It turned out that they had been here a couple of times before and been to a couple of other clubs and even lived just a few miles away. Nobody asked directly, but it became clear that this could lead to some serious fun!! 

We spent maybe a couple of hours chatting, flirting, getting to know each other. Turns out she was half Iranian and called Nina, he was English and called Zed! (Apparently his parents were hippies). The two girls danced, clearly enjoying it as much as us! There was plenty of contact, first tentatively feeling each others bodies, arms, shoulders, neck, slowly moving down, hips, thighs, arse, then gradually edging their way back upwards, mirroring each others movements to their breasts and clearly aroused nipples. Lilly, wearing a very sexy low cut dress began to nuzzle Nina’s neck; Nina pulled Lilly tight as she raised her leg and began to grind herself against Lilly.

Fuck me!! My Misses is basically being fucked by another woman, on a dance floor and I’m stood here with a raging hard on and her fella! WTF is going on? I think to myself before being completely engrossed in the action once more. I look at Zed; he too is transfixed by it all. “Do you approve,” I ask him? His reply took me by surprise. “It’s not my place to approve nor disapprove,” he explains. “My place is to ensure Nina’s desires are fulfilled.” Oh, right, the Penny begins to drop…..Zed is the Sub!

The girls see us talking and make their way over to us, needless to say along with every pair of eyes in the vicinity! Lilly looks at me and asks if everything is ok? I take hold of her waist, pull her close and whisper in her ear, “Perfect.” We are all hot, hyped and eager for the next move. Nina tells Zed to call a cab and asks us if we would like to join them for a night cap. Only one answer from us… Yes!! Zeds phone rings, the cab is outside. We all collect our belongings and make our way out. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure our departure was a disappointment to the remainers.

We drove about three miles from the club to a nice, regular looking estate. The car stopped outside a  detached house, nice size, set back from the road. Zed dealt with payment, as instructed by Nina, who waited for him to open her door. It was a warm night, comfortable, yet I could feel myself shivering with excitement, anticipation. We all walked up the drive and were let in by Zed. Inside the house was classy, minimalist, clean crisp lines of symmetry, expensive fittings, quality everything. This place oozed class and so did its owners!

We were poured a drink, champagne, of course, and conversation began to flow again. This time though we didn’t discuss “trivia” it was very obvious that this conversation was to establish exactly who we all really were, who we all really wanted to be!  Nina explained that she was the TOP and Zed was completely happy with this. He was to ensure that Nina was satisfied in every way. She went on to explain that Zed had selected us to play, as of course, he also had needs, desires and one of those was indeed my wife!  Fuck me, I thought, bit of a mind fuck, this one!!!!!  Strangely I felt calm, ok, in fact excited!

Time for us to explain about us, I guess. I explained that Lilly had become keen to explore more adventurous sex than we had previously. We had always enjoyed a very healthy sex life, but as with many people, watching Fifty Shades had made her more confident to “come out” to me. She was keen to explore BDSM, in particular bondage, spanking, impact play etc. I was happy to experiment also and indeed did find myself enjoying “Topping” Lilly. I never considered myself to be a cruel or nasty person and soon realised that being a Dom doesn’t necessarily make you one.  The whole group was open, honest and at ease.

Nina called “Alexa. Music to fuck to.” The whole house had speakers everywhere. A deep, sensual pulsating beat began coming from every direction. The pair stood up and beckoned us to follow them. As we stood, Nina took my hand, looked Lilly straight in the eye and thrust my hand inside her black, lacy panties. Fuck me! She was wet through! Lilly smiled as Zed took her hand and thrust it straight down his trousers! Fuck me! I could see by the look on her face he was rock hard and dying to fuck her!  As a group we began tearing at each others clothes. We were hot, sweating, almost struggling to breathe, the atmosphere was so intense. Then Nina exclaimed, “STOP! Zed, show our guests the Suite.” This pause in the action only increased the intensity of the situation. We seemed to be lifted to the next floor as if on a cushion of eroticism, effortless and yielding. We stood outside a large door until Zed was instructed to show us in.

My God! Red walls, some padded, a cross, a swing, stocks, hooks and a hoist, the list goes on. Whips, paddles, cuffs, chains, dildos, butt plugs. Where do I stop?? In the middle of the floor is a bench, of course, quality! Confused at first, I walk around it, touching it, stroking it, examining it. The music seems to switch up a notch. Nina says, “Shall we play, Evan?” “Oh yes,” I reply, as I feel cum pushing its way out if my cock. “Lilly”, I call, “show Nina and Zed what a good girl you are.” Lilly squats down in front of me, wearing nothing but high heels and torn stockings, and proceeds to lick and suck at my erect cock. The appreciative onlookers begin to join the fun.

Between us, we stand Lilly at the foot of the bench. Nina stands behind her, and firmly but carefully, pulls her back. She’s now lying on her back, arse raised, pussy wet and exposed with her legs stretched wide on ridged supports, with leather straps by her ankles, knees and thighs. Her head is supported and arms are by her sides, again with leather restraints along side. Zed, Nina and myself systematically begin to fasten all of the restraints, being careful not to over tighten them. Zed is told to stand by Lilly’s feet as Nina begins to play with her. She begins crouched down between Lilly’s legs, licking and biting her inner thighs. Then she strokes her pussy with her slender fingers, pulls her pussy lips open and buries her tongue deep inside her.

Lilly groans and her body begins to writhe, however she is trapped and completely at Nina’s mercy. I stand astride Lilly’s head. She is looking straight up at my cock; again it drips cum and it slowly stretches down to her lips. She licks it up appreciatively. Nina starts to crawl up her body, nibbling as she moves. She reaches her erect nipples and bites and tugs on them. Lilly lets out a yelp. Nina smiles as she looks up at me for re assurance. I nod. Nina arches her back and I gesture to Zed to pleasure her. He obliges with his mouth and fingers, to Nina’s obvious satisfaction. I begin to push my cock down towards Lilly’s mouth, but Nina swiftly grasps it and pushes it deep into her mouth. It feels good, different, but good.

I’m then released by Nina as she pushes me deep into Lilly’s mouth. Again it feels amazing. My legs are shaking. I’m wet through, the music still pulsating through everyone’s bodies. Zed now stands and asks Nina if he can fuck. “Yes,” she replies. “Yes, if it’s ok with Evan.” I tell Nina to turn around on the bench, still astride Lilly. She switches between sucking Zed’s cock and Lilly’s engorged clit. I smack Nina’s arse and tell Zed to fuck!! Nina guides his throbbing cock into Lilly’s gaping pussy. Every one of us feels a bolt of electricity course through our bodies as we fuck, suck, writhe, sweat and cum. Zed pulls out and cums in Nina’s mouth. l cum in Lilly’s mouth. Nina continues to make Lilly cum with her tongue and fingers, and I do the same to Nina!!

Fuck!! We’re all wrecked!! What a night!!


Here’s to the next one. X


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