Self Control Chat Notes

These notes were prepared for the Monday night topic chat at The SafeworD/s Club. Join us next Monday to discuss Having a Servant Attitude!

This weeks theme is “All Tied Up”, so Lars and i decided to start by considering being restrained and in control of ourselves first and foremost. We prepared the following questions to be discussed in our chat:

-Have you ever practiced self discipline, punishment, or bondage?
-Does sub or Dom frenzy make self control more challenging?
-Do you have rules regarding masturbation, and is this rule difficult to follow?
-Is orgasm denial equal parts self control and power exchange?
-Are there rules in your dynamic that require you to exercise self control?
-Are you able to remain self motivated and under control without threat of punishment, or breaking a rule?
-Do you set self control oriented standards for yourself, or does your partner?
-What are your biggest hurdles with self control?
-When your partner isn’t looking, do you give in to impulse without admitting so?
-Are there times where self control in D/s has helped in vanilla life?

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

-Basically everyone admitted (even some Dominants!) that when our partner isn’t looking, we are sneaky sneaky jerks, and do things we aren’t always supposed to!

-Self bondage, and punishment is a curiosity, would be and is challenging.

-From a submissive perspective, it appears that while we set our goals and standards ourselves, we want our Dominants to help encourage and motivate us to achieve them. From a Dominant perspective, this is not always apparent. This needs communicated.

-Snacking, exercise, and sleep seem to be big issues for those trying to practice self control.

This weeks chat saw several new faces! Thanks to those who joined in, and we hope to see you next time! Thinking about joining us for a chat? Visit the calendar for more information! Have comments or thoughts about the questions listed? Share them in the comments!

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