As usual, the OPEN DOM AND SUB CHATS this week will take place on MONDAY and THURSDAY from 7pm.  As of this week, our Monday chat will move to a SUNDAY which we hope will allow more of the members who are non UK based to attend. The first SUNDAY CHAT will take place on 23rd July.


We had a great TOPIC CHAT on munches last week, and this week we have two more focussed discussions.

On TUESDAY the topic will be on managing D/s DURING THE HOLIDAYS.

I am sure we have all found that a change in routine can make it difficult to use your usual rules and rituals and that this can have an impact on the connection between you. Please join us  from 8pm-9pm in THE DUNGEON to share your experience on the topic and offer any ideas of what has worked for you in the past. 

The second Topic Chat will be on WEDNESDAY and the focus will be PRIMAL PLAY. It will be led by EMILY and will take place in THE DUNGEON at 8pm-9pm EDT.

So if you like the sound of raw, animalistic play, love a struggle or want to know more then please come along and share your ideas, thoughts and experience. 


New to The SafeworD/s Club this week is our first WEEKLY DISCUSSION THREAD and the topic is:  Who in your vanilla life knows about your D/s and what was their reaction?

Please stop by the forum and have your say; the discussion will close on Sunday.

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