This week we continue with the OPEN DOM AND SUB CHATS on MONDAY and THURSDAY from 7pm.

Although we will not be able to be there for the whole night, the chat rooms remain open so that people in other parts of the world can come on and chat with others more local to them, so please stick around and say hello.  

Thank you to everyone who has come along to take part so far. There has certainly been lots of lively discussion on a variety of topics, from general chat, to the challenges of a D/s dynamic, to sharing thoughts and experience on specific areas of play.


Following on from our TOPIC CHAT on spanking last week, this TUESDAY we will be talking about RULES and RITUALS.

How do you use rules and rituals to support your dynamic? Are they the glue in your relationship? What works and has value?

Please schedule us in and join us for this week’s topic chat, from 8pm-9pm in THE DUNGEON.

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