Review – Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

Review – Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

Our eyes first fell upon Hot Octopuss 2 years ago when attending Eroticon in London. Hot Octopuss were one of the sponsors and had a stall set up with a wide range of toys from their product range. Most of the items had a generic brand look about them which we liked very much and the fact they looked cool too!

The sales pitch was delivered by someone who had used it for real and gave an honest opinion on their experience. I have to say this went a long way in drawing our interest. Having been invited to review the Queen Bee by the same company previously, we were asked to do the same for the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo, a dual play toy that can be used individually or as a couple. Hot Octopus packaging is very high end and always gives that feel of quality and confidence that things will go well. The toy is a 100% waterproof and has a great soft feel to it. It should be noted that at the same time it has weight to it and an almost anti-ballistic feel! We had been looking for a couple’s toy for a while and Pulse III Duo had very good reviews. We wanted to be able to enjoy the stimulation from the vibrations at the same, so this was our primary aim.

Did it solve the problem that other toys cannot fulfil? In a sense yes it did due to the design, however, it was not the easiest of toys to use despite a few attempts to get the exact position right. From a male perspective I found it difficult to get the correct stimulation from just a static vibration, such as a wand may give off. Although, I should point out this toy does use a pulse technology which is different from a lot of toys I have used. Applying a little lube and using it as a ‘stroker’ worked better. This of course is not very good if you have a someone on top of you trying to seek vibrations too!

Although promoted as a couple’s toy, it does have reach in other areas, such as solo play. There are not many toys out there that have dual functionality, however, this one does and is very much designed to be used by two people having sex. One person does really need a penis to benefit from the shaped sleeve, although with some imagination you would not need the other person to have a vagina – it helps, but not altogether necessary!

If I were to suggest this to a friend, I would lend them ours first. The product isn’t cheap, and I wouldn’t say it would work for everyone, however, I would say that about any toy. It takes a lot of playing around to find what works for you, and I suppose that’s half the fun. The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo can be purchased on-line from numerous stores for £105 + delivery at the time of writing the revue (May 2019). Note that the same item it advertised at £99.00 plus delivery direct from Hot Octopuss with 15% discount if you sign up to their newsletter (Limited offer).

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo is a very well made and powerful toy designed for solo and couple’s play. Easy to charge with quick to find controls and 100% waterproof! Is it value for money? Taking into consideration the simplicity of the functions and the robust build of the item I would say that with care it would last a good few years, so yes, for that alone it’s worth a splash!

This is an affiliate post, so every item you purchase, Hot Octopuss thank us with a small donation.


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