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Biting - Primal PlayOdaxelagnia is identified as a sexual paraphilia or kink whereby one experiences sexual pleasure and arousal from biting and/or being bitten. Odaxelagnia is sometimes associated with sexual vampirism but, generally, most forms of sexual biting do not tend to draw blood for obvious infection risk reasons. Apparently, human saliva contains at least 50 species of bacteria, and medical research shows that human bites have higher rates of infection than any other injuries. Sexual biting tends to be one of the most accepted forms of sexual sadism and masochism as a more aggressive form of kissing, as it serves to shock the body’s pain responses at this primal level.

It may also be worthy to note, if anyone is interesting in further research, that sexual biting has it’s own separate section in the Kama Sutra (written by the Indian philosopher Mallanaga Vatsyayana in the 4th century). Eight kinds of bites are described in the chapter ‘On Biting, and the Means to be Employed with Regard to Women of Different Countries.’ These are;

  • the hidden bite
  • the swollen bite
  • the point
  • the line of points
  • the coral and the jewel
  • the line of jewels
  • the broken cloud
  • the biting of the boar

Cuiplash has always found great pleasure in biting me and I tend to react strongly and positively to being bitten. There is something incredibly animalistic about teeth indenting flesh, hard edges against soft curves, sharp points marking smooth skin. I find the excitement is in the risk of drawing blood, bruising and the fantasy of devouring and being devoured. I have always harboured my own vampire fetish so being bitten, particularly around and on my neck, taps directly into that particular ultimate submission. If you experience arousal from sexual pain the deep tissue bruising and sharp ache that occurs from a bite can be particularly pleasurable. Being bitten is also known to enhance existing arousal particularly if focused on and around the erogenous zones.

You can experiment with tolerance in sexual biting by using different pressures including tiny sharp nips, sensual nibbles and full jaw holds. Fleshy areas such as breasts, thighs, buttocks and hips can take a delicious deep bite pressure and allow for impressive indentations, whereas nips and nibbles on highly sensitive areas such as lips, neck, ears, nipples, clit and labia can be rapid routes to reducing your sub to a squirming squealing puddle of shudder.

Being bitten, particularly if held in a bite hold either during play or sex brings on a strong submissive mindset in me, akin to a kitten being scruffed, and particularly if applied to the nape of the neck. Biting in this sense can both calm and subdue.

Sexual biting as part of primal play has a lot of potential and is a powerful yet immediate and easy to apply sensation trigger that can be used to both settle and arouse, depending on the intention.


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