Prêt-à-porter review

Prêt-à-porter review

The Prêt-à-porter by Satisfyer arrives in packaging which looks stylish, textured Matt black with gold writing, something classy that you want to buy. Inside the box there is the Prêt-à-porter, a brief instruction manual, a charging cable and a black velvet bag to store the toy in.  The toy itself is quite small, 14cm diameter at it’s widest, 19cm long and light weight at 152g.  It is rechargeable with a magnetic charging point on the back and fully waterproof (can’t wait to try it in the hot tub ?).  There are 11 intensity settings for the pressure waves and 10 vibration programs.  It feels sturdy enough but I wondered if it could really get a good job done.

Fully charged for days and waiting for my opportunity it finally came early one morning. A quick trip to the bathroom and I was good to go. The silky, matte body is comfortable to hold, not heavy and it sits in my hand in a natural position.  The controls are perfectly placed and very easy to use, no need to keep looking at them.  It doesn’t actually touch your clitoris but surrounds it then uses pulses of air to create non-contact stimulation. The actual feeling it gives is a sort of drumming/tapping sensation directly to the spot it’s being held over. On the lowest setting the ‘drumming’ starts off VERY mild, and quiet. A couple of clicks in and they noticeably stronger.  I took it to the highest level but found about level 5-6 was good for me.  Soon the feelings were building too much and I started to tense.  I clicked it down a few times and forced myself to relax. The controls are perfectly placed making it easy to click up and down the levels as you need to.  Needing more again I clicked it up a few times.  With an overwhelming urge to use the loo, I switched it off and nipped to the loo to pee.
Back on the bed I continued where I left off.  It was soon feeling so good but also too much. I wanted to stop but didn’t want to stop, it was almost painful.  I was so close then boom, orgasm/pee/squirt.  That was a surprise.  I’m not usually a squirter, it’s only happened a handful of times, when I’ve not been able to stop it happening.  It left me feeling a little unsure about the toy.  In particular how much will I use it if if makes me squirt every time. It certainly hits the spot but is messy.
Fast forward and more ‘testing’, some with Sir, with other toys and in the bath (which is probably my favourite so far.  The drumming sensation spreading through the water, stimulating a wider area).  I have tried the vibrate function, on it’s own and with the pressure waves, but it didn’t really bring anything to the party for me and I preferred to just use the pressure waves.  I have also tried it on my breasts and nipples which was also a good feeling.  So far the Prêt-à-porter has been used 11 times and on 3 of those I squirted.
I can conclude that the Prêt-à-Porter is different from the toys I have used before.  The drumming/tapping feeling it creates can be very intense as it is concentrated on a small area.  I like the feeling of being on the edge and trying to hold back because of what could happen next (squirting), but it feels so good I have to just give in to it and let go. It does get the job done however, I find it takes me longer to fully let go not knowing if I’m about to squirt.  For that reason this will not be my everyday go-to, but there is definitely a place for the Prêt-à-porter in our toy cupboard to make guest appearances.
The generous people at Satisfyer sent us some of their toys to try and Lilly very kindly agreed to write this unbiased review of the Prêt-à-porter.
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5 thoughts on “Prêt-à-porter review

  1. Thanks for this review Lilly – it is really helpful. I haven’t squirted with a clit stimulator yet but agree they feel very intense. And 11 times tested – that is commitment!

  2. I purchased one for my sub, once she found the right spot she began to increase power to 8-9 she squirted not just once but twice. Thanks for the article it sure didn’t disappoint.

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