On the inside

On the inside

image of Luscious Lips - On the inside

I see a woman that is scared, but also a woman that is strong, fierce, loving and not a quitter. Not because of how I look or the compliments that I received, but what I have in my heart. Everyone wants to look beautiful and believe me you are, but whats more important is what is in the inside. And don’t let people tell you any different.


This image has been added to the brand new Tell Me About photo meme which is about creating images which are in monochrome and also erotic. Check out the other entries by clicking the badge above.


  1. Beautiful image and words to accompany it LL. I’m really glad you have joined in with Monochromerotic, thank you.

  2. I see a lot of strength and beauty in this image

    1. Thank you PS, sorry i don’t know how i missed your comment

  3. Thank you Littlegem

  4. I like this image entrancing, I find myself wanting to swivel the photo to see what she is seeing in the mirror, but of course I know I can’t. Good one.

    1. thank you elliot

  5. I can’t stop looking at this image – your strength and your willing submission are so evident

    1. thank you Posy.

  6. This is a stunning image! Your words tell me you are a beautiful woman, inside and out!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you Marie

  7. A striking erotic pose and photo. It stopped me in my tracks and i can relate to it. Thank you.

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