Navigating Bumps: Communication and getting back on track

Navigating Bumps: Communication and getting back on track

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain and we all know that D/s is one big and beautiful rainbow. It is magical, it is beautiful and there is always that little crock of gold waiting there at the end of it. The excitement, the passion, the intimacy, the closeness, the kink; it’s all there when things are good and we are consumed by how amazing and how wonderful it truly is. But the rain can be hard. It can challenge us and we can struggle to see our way back to the brilliance and colour. Things become a little grey and we stare out of the window with longing, wondering where it is and how to find it. We all experience bumps and hurdles in our D/s. It might be that something challenging has come along for one or both of us. Maybe we have had an argument. Or perhaps things have just slipped a little and are starting to feel a bit vanilla.


I have found that if something has gone wrong and we have argued or slipped into vanilla, the old power struggles can return. It becomes ‘tit-for-tat’ and we echo the behaviour we see from our partner. This leads to a stale-mate and the situation worsens. It is a vicious circle and one of you needs to break it. The circle that makes the power exchange work is the same as the one which makes the power struggle continue. Something needs to happen to break that circle.


When something happens it triggers a series of thoughts. These thoughts then trigger feelings. The feelings then trigger behaviour. If the thoughts have not been positive then the feelings won’t be positive and neither will the behaviour be. Our partner picks up on the behaviour and the whole thing continues in an endless cycle. For example: My Sir does not arrange our talk time as he has said that he will. Then he does not initiate play even though he told me earlier that he would. I think that maybe he is annoyed with me or that maybe he is losing interest in the dynamic or that maybe he is not as committed as me. I feel hurt, and disappointed, and a little rejected. So because I feel like this I become a little withdrawn and put a little distance between us. He then wonders what is wrong with me. Am I unhappy, am I upset, am I annoyed with him? This affects his confidence in his role and he feels less Dominant. He begins to withdraw as well and suddenly we find ourselves in a tricky spot.


The only way to fix this is to go to your Sir and communicate with him. You will have to tell him in a respectful way what is going on inside your head and how you are feeling. I always make sure to ask my Sir this too. If he has behaved in a certain way then it is important that I understand why. Was it based on a misunderstanding or is there something more important that I need to be aware of, so I ask him what he was thinking and feeling too. Usually we discover that the whole thing has been based on a misunderstanding. THOUGHTS ARE NOT TRUTHS. Just because we think something doesn’t make it true, although if we listen to these thoughts then the feelings which they cause are very real. After we have sorted out what happened then we always talk about what we both need to repair the situation. This could be reassurance or understanding or forgiveness. Whatever the needs are they will need to be met so that you can move on.


After navigating a bump we will often seek a physical re-connection too so that a line is drawn and our dynamic can be reset. It will take a little while to re-build the trust and really meet those needs and we have found that it is more successful if we do this by being really committed to our Dom/sub roles. We can both feel a little shaky but doing this means that very quickly we are back to feeding each other again which helps the grey of uncertainty to clear so that we can see the colour again. We try also to think about what we can put in place to try to prevent a similar situation re-occurring. Obviously this is very dependent on what has happened. If it was an argument then maybe there are certain triggers that could be avoided. If it was to do with lack of communication then perhaps time to talk can be built in more often. And if it was to do with not feeling the dynamic as strongly as we would like then maybe there are rituals we could use to help to reduce that. Our D/s is a work in progress and we are learning more about each other, ourselves and our relationship every day, so we tend to look at our bumps as being a positive in that navigating them successfully strengthens us and our dynamic.


Obviously if things have gone wrong then they will need to be sorted out, but often we can stop the circle from turning from a power exchange to a power struggle by changing our behaviour. We can try to ignore the thoughts that tell us that something is wrong. We can seek advice from a friend who may be able to help us to see things in a different way before we react. We can ask for clarification from our Sirs so that we are not ‘mind reading’ (eg he must think or feel …….) and ‘catastrophizing’ (eg this is never going to work because ……..). We can also avert a bump quite often by remaining in role. Sometimes I have to be more actively submissive and if my Sir is not taking the power I have to hand it to him, reassure him and remind him that his Dominance is what I need and crave. Sometimes when we feel a bit down and seem to see the rain and not the sun, we can hide away and this is another mistake that I have made in the past. We decide we are no fun and avoid talking to people who may actually be able to offer some support. You can hear rain even when you are inside but you have to look out of the window to see the rainbow again!

So if you are finding things tough then try not to get bogged down in feeling negative and thinking the worst. Use all of the submissive tools you have, talk to others and seek advice and more importantly be open with your Sir about how you are feeling and why. Don’t wait for him to come to you – go to him and try to fix what is going on. You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain and nothing this good will come without a little work, so think like a submissive and use what you have learnt and it will work.

This post was originally posted on submissy but had been written sometime before I started my blog.  We had probably been D/s for about a year when I wrote it and it reflected what I had learnt up to that point. I have to say that we rarely find ourselves having to manage things like this now as effective communication has just become second nature, so if you are starting out and feeling that it just isn’t working then don’t give up. I used to look around me at the other couples who all seemed to have it sorted, but making comparisons isn’t helpful. We all experience the ups and downs; with practice, you are able to manage them so that they no longer threaten to derail you, but that may take some time.

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    1. Hi Nonya. I don’t think I felt resentful if we came unstuck and then worked through it. The discussion around it really helps me. I suppose in the moment I can feel a range of emotions and resentment can be one but being able to explain usually irons things out and we can continue. Not sure if that helps at all x

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