My Master Made Me a Wooden Horse

My Master Made Me a Wooden Horse

Dear Home Depot, I don’t usually write letters (everyone says that don’t they lol) but I was so happy with an experience involving your store that I just had to write and tell you about it. My Master made me a wooden horse!

Several months ago, well, four actually, I became involved in a Master/slave relationship. I know, it sounds crazy right? He started training me because I didn’t know how to be a proper slave to a Dominant Master, and part of that training included pictures and videos of other girls on a wooden horse. I had no idea what it was, but it looked very interesting and I mentioned to my Master that I would like to try one. Unfortunately, a real wooden horse is very large and made of wood (duh!) and weighs a lot and would be hard to store. So I was probably not going to get to try out one.

Last week, my Master and I were walking through your store and we came to the section with sawhorses. There were several different types, some very simple and some very extravagant. My Master pulled one out and began examining it. I couldn’t figure out why He was looking at sawhorses; I didn’t think we had a need for one. He started adjusting the height on one and asked me to come stand next to it. I obeyed, of course, and He seemed satisfied with the sawhorse and ended up purchasing it.

Later that day my Master ask me if I want to play The Naughty Schoolgirl. I immediately said yes and ran off to change and reported to the principals office for my punishment. After being informed of my indiscretion, I was led into another room where my punishment was to be administered. In the middle of the room was the sawhorse my Master had purchased earlier that day from your store. He had added a piece of PVC pipe to the top of it. My Master had made me a wooden horse!

I can’t thank you enough. Who would have thought that the local hardware store would become my new favorite toy store!

Sincerely, a very happy, naughty schoolgirl

p.s. Looking forward to seeing you soon. My Master wants me to pick up this Ratchet Tie Down thingie, though I can’t imagine what we need that for.

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    1. Thank you posy. He brainstormed quite a few ideas before finding this one, and it worked perfectly. The “letter” was a fun blog to write. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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