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I’m a sub in a long, happy, married relationship – trying to deepen our D/s dynamics, which is difficult due to the sweetest gremlins you can imagine. I love to read, like a lot, but only when the gremlins are asleep my wishmop has finished its bibibibbidi bobbidi boo and I’m not needed somewhere else ☺️

I like to say that wits beyond measure are my greatest pleasure – but the one I treasure the most and every day a little bit more and more is my husband.

I hope to find the right amount of the Force that is feeding our D/s and wish for us to live long and prosper – and maybe someday enjoy a bit of a gremlinfree time with my king.

Ps. Did you know, that gremlins are allergic to everything computerish? That’s why I have to use my phone for everything, which often means persistent spelling coughs and neonatal grammar hiccups. Apologies in advance