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    Hi Friends!

    Gosh it’s hot in my part of the UK at the moment! So it’s been the ideal opportunity to pull a chair into the shade and crack open our latest read – Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

    I have previously read 2 other books by Sarah Waters, she is an accomplished writer who tends to write stories with a period backdrop. This novel, like Tipping the Velvet which I have reviewed here is set in Victorian England.

    Our protagonist, Sue, lives in the grimy backstreets of London – the Borough as she refers to it, amongst a ‘family’  which makes its living doing nefarious trades, cons or using illegal practices. From the outset Sue does not seem as deeply embroiled in the mire in which they wallow, but we shall see as the story pans out.

    As usual, our night for discussing the book will be the last Thursday in the month, at 9 pm. So buy the book, borrow it, download it to your e-reader or pop on some headphones and enjoy it as an audio book – us bookworms can’t wait to discuss what you took away from reading it.