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I’m a mother, a professional workaholic, a teacher, and a devoted wife with over 20 glorious years. I am also a submissive. Specifically, I am his submissive. I submit fully to my Master, and no one else. We live 24/7 in a Ds lifestyle.

I am new to this change. Very new. I invited Master to be my Dom after seeing the powerful affect the role had upon me. So powerful, in fact, that I felt and saw it bleed out from me and into my whole life. I became, and still am, overwhelmed by the positivity it brings to me; how much better of a person I am, how the joy and love I feel in this role spreads around me and makes everyone around me better.

However, I am also acutely aware of how much more I have to learn. That growth comes to me from the power I feel from my Master as we both test out, experiment, and expand into these new roles.

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