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    Tonight we discussed Madame Bovary – and our conclusion was that she was the ultimate desperate housewife!

    The book for month of January is Venus in Furs which touches on the theme of masochism

    The book for month of February is Forever by Judy Blume – a coming of age YA novel

    The book for March is The Morning After by Lisa Jackson a…[Read more]

  • Hi Ellen, these sound like good things to work on. Did you want me to try to think of something to incorporate them or was it more that you would be focussing on these. I am happy to chat over this at any point. missy x

  • Hi Ellen. Thank you so much for joining in. I look forward to hearing how it goes. I think that this first task should be a good overview but I have come up with lots that I want to work on. I am happy to create tasks which respond to the things that others want to focus on too as I am pretty much creating this as I go. Thanks, missy x

  • When I started the task, I actually had much more detail than I expected. My plan was to post my thoughts on my blog as well as showing them to HL so I have split it into three parts, using the headings as breaks.

    Here is part 1: Submissive Traits and Qualities

  • The first post covers three areas and contains the following reflective questions:

    What sort of Dominant or submissive are you?
    1. What are your Dominant or submissive traits and qualities?
    2. What are the traits and qualities you have which can be a barrier to being Dominant or submissive?

    What do you want from Dominance or submission?
    3. What…[Read more]

  • The Dom Sub Workbook will be a set of posts which contain questions designed to help you to reflect on your Dominance or submission.

    Really you should use it in any way that you want. You can follow the tasks and do them all in order, or you can dip in and out. You can post about your progress and share your thoughts in the forums, or on a blog…[Read more]

  • So welcome to the New Year and with that comes the thought of what we want to get from it in a variety of ways. For HL and I this involves thinking about personal goals and achievements but also ones for the site […]

    • I will be adding this to my D/s resources!

      • Ooo thanks Brigit. I am not sure how it will go or how often I will add to it. I am trying to do this one now and realise that it is really long so I will break it down into three parts for posting I think. The good news is that I have lots of positive qualities. I have told HL he is a lucky man lol. Missy x

    • Thats really great Missy. Very logical and thoughtful. Always good to reflect upon yourself & acknowledge changes x

    • This is great! I would have loved this when I was just getting started. I might try to play with it now even. Have you thought about making it an actual workbook? Like with Canva or something similar?

      • I think I might put it together when I am done, yes. I will see how it goes and thought I would try it out here first. I look forward to reading if you give it a go. Missy x

    • Great resource and I will try and find the time to think through how I see myself and write my characteristics and goals

      • No pressure to use it PS but I thought I would share anyway. I hope you find it helpful if you do use it. Missy x

    • I love this missy! I’m wondering if you’d be offended if I wrote a few posts around this concept and linked them back to this page? I think this is very valuable info that could help lifestylers of all types. I also think it could help my journey too 🙂

      • Hi Mrs K. I wrote it because HL and I were going to do it but shared it in case anyone else would find it helpful so I would be really interested if you did it too. I am also keen for any feedback so that I can improve the tasks to fit others. If you link it back that is great – I made the badge so that people could do that if they wanted to blog their answers. I also started a forum which you probably saw. Missy x

    • Missy, you have done a wonderful job creating this. I have often chatted with new Doms and Subs and have advised that they seek what interests them and who they are before seeking someone to be their partner. You have taken that and broken it down in a manner that will simplify it for everyone. I am in an online relationship and I find I still have so much to learn. I will take this and break it down for myself. I am lucky to have found someone who is caring, patient and understanding but can push me all at the same time. Thank you Missy for all you do…VL

      • Thank you so much Vixen. I am glad that you found it helpful but if there are changes needed when you use it then please let me know and I can adapt it as I would like it to be flexible if possible and fit other people too. Missy x

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    Hi Reading Friends – Shall we defer our reading chat 1 week to 6-1-21? I’m a bit behind with completing book.

  • Glorious symmetry missy – I love this image.

  • Time to bring out my homemade festive nipple clamps I think.

  • We usually wait until the 24th for our kinky Christmas gift exchange so it was fun to do it a bit earlier this time.

  • <p style=”text-align: center;”>Well we tried this but it was a bit of a fail. It has been such a busy time we have neglected each other so it was pretty fast for both of us. I think this has to be one to try again soon.</p>

  • We have a lovely collection of glass toys. My favourite is the twister which you can read about here: Sex Toy Tales – The Twister

  • I always think there is something about wearing a dress with no knickers. I love the free feeling it gives me.

  • Missy replied to the topic 14. Festive Fantasy in the forum ADVENT CALENDAR 1 month ago

    I have cheated a bit with this one. I actually got closer this year to some of my fantasies coming true. Two years ago I wrote this one about the thrill of being played with by someone else and this is something that we got to do earlier this year. I also wrote a fantasy called Arabian Nights which is I wrote for HL on the 14th day of our Advent…[Read more]

  • Missy replied to the topic 13. 13 Things About D/s in the forum ADVENT CALENDAR 1 month ago

    I have written a post 13 Things about a D/s Relationship, and a Bertie.I miscounted and wrote 14 things which I thought I would get away with as it is actually the 14th today. It is a mix of things which I like about D/s and common misconceptions. I hope you like it.

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    Just wondering how people are getting on with our book – Madame Bovary. May More, who has read it, tells me it’s important to choose a good translation.
    I’m listening to it on audible which helps it flow – being an older book it is heavier on description that faster-paced modern novels. This book rests on manners and etiquette the same way as a…[Read more]

  • Tinsel also enhances and emphasizes 2 of your best bits!

  • That’s THE way to do tinsel – sexy AF!

  • Delicious image – oodles of naughty fun implied guys!

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