• I have a story for you.

    Years ago I was living with 2 lesbians it begins and I was on the couch reading a sex book

    Don’t recall which one

    I got to a point where in the book she was having a orgasm.

    Just as I was reading that 1 of my friends was having a very loud orgasm.

    You could not have qued that better if it was a stage performance!

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  • I apologize for the typos.

    I think my cell phone is an alpha.

    It keeps thinking I’m stupid enough not to know what I’m saying…

    And adds words I do not even anunciate

  • I have a cock ring that that it also has yet it also has about 5 or 6 screws to it so it clamps down nice and tight.

    I don’t know how to do it

    but I think it would be fun to add a mild electric current to it for added stimulation.

    My favorite thing so far which I can’t remember the name of it is that little roller wheel with the sharp points on…[Read more]

  • Lowlander posted a new activity comment 1 week ago

    I have 2 words for that photo.
    1) WOW
    2) Beautiful
    I have never personally experienced that level of precise rope play.
    That is certainly an advanced level of artistry!

  • Being someone who has not had much experience …

    I like the idea that I don’t have to be the hunter.

    Hunting can be fun and exciting but but sometimes it’s hard to know what your participant wants.

    When you are at their mercy it eliminates the need to overthink and analyze a situation and just let go and become what happens.

  • Lowlander replied to the topic Harmonica Gag in the forum PLAY, SCENES & TRAINING 1 week ago

    I would like to hear a harmonica gay when someone is climaxing.

    There is something about the sounds a woman makes when she’s orgasming that is so exciting!

    That harmonica could easily add to the effects of an orgasm for the person getting her there.

  • <p style=”text-align: center;”>I’m just a submissive lesbian trapped in a male form.</p>
    Wish I had more knowledge in psychology

    I know some of the childhood triggers which created those high scores.

    What I don’t know is just how far I’m willing to go in the real world.

    I think I could easily go beyond some of those things in that test.

    I…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure what a rope Bunny is.

    Does that mean I get tied up and try to jump into the hole? 😜

  • Lowlander replied to the topic Service? in the forum DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION 1 week ago

    Physical contact and interaction.

    I like being pursued and used.

    Want to be constrained and forced to be moderately abused. Being passive is very much part of my nature.

    Had a domme tell me she wanted me to clean her house.

    That ain’t happening.

    I’ve never been a sub … yet

    Had a couple girls force me once.

    What they did hurt me. So much…[Read more]

  • Being a good servant it’s observant is part of what keeps me from being totally submissive.

    Actually much of what I do not like with B & D was screwed up by a messed up step mother many years ago

  • My results:
    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    90% Submissive
    88% Voyeur
    80% Experimentalist
    78% Switch
    75% Degradee
    72% Rope bunny
    65% Rigger
    60% Degrader
    58% Pet
    57% Brat
    57% Primal (Prey)
    56% Vanilla
    48% Owner
    47% Master/Mistress
    45% Dominant
    31% Non-monogamist
    29% Brat tamer
    26% Masochist
    24% Primal (Hunter)
    21% Sadist
    17%…[Read more]