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My first wife passed away in her early 30’s, I’m afraid. We played lots of BDSM games but weren’t part of the community: we both had some experience and were more about having kinky fun than exploring the lifestyle.

My second wife had no BDSM experience but was curious to try: she loved it and I spent 22 wonderful years training my “turtle” (becasue she was helpless on her back) as a Contracted slave. We did chats, munches, dungeon parties, private parties: much more community involvement and a very real M/s relationship. I confess that I very nearly decided to go with her when she passed away in Nov ’17, but didn’t for our daughter’s sake.

To my utter astonishment in the Spring of ’19 I met a much younger girl (36 to my 59) on Twitter. She was inexperienced, curious, and wanted online training which went so well that three times I flew out to spend a week with my “pretty blushes.” She’s alive and well (I’m not always a fatal experience) but we broke up after a year, partly due to COVID-related travel issues.

It’s now the Spring of ’21 and I’ve been alone for a year. At 62 I’m not optimistic about finding a new sub to Master or Mentor but who knows? I didn’t expect to find pretty, either.

UPDATE: Okay, I am officially surprised (and very pleased) to say that I am now the Master of CruelsSexPuppet. It appears that wonders never cease, or at least wonderful women never do.

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100% Sadist

100% Brat tamer

100% Rigger

100% Master/Mistress

98% Dominant

96% Voyeur

95% Owner

92% Non-monogamist

91% Degrader

80% Primal (Hunter)

72% Experimentalist

55% Exhibitionist

49% Masochist

30% Daddy/Mommy

23% Switch

19% Vanilla

13% Ageplayer

9% Submissive

0% Brat

0% Pet

0% Primal (Prey)

0% Boy/Girl

0% Rope bunny

0% Degradee

0% Slave

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