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    I love book clubs!

    • Hi Mrs K – have you done a formal one before? (I am a newbie, only done casual ones with friends)

      • I’ve participated in one at the local library. Each book had a set of questions that came with it. Little things to think about. This book is new, so it may not have a book club addition to the glossary like some do. But I think they get these questions by reading it through and then finding grey areas and asking people to think about them, if that makes sense.
        The last in I did was for Angel and Demons by Dan Brown. The book was old, but I think that made it easier to come up with questions. Just some thoughts.

        • Thanks, that is what another book club participant told me too, I had better get my thinking cap on!
          Although to start off with I thought we’d just say what we liked, pretty sure the conversation will get legs from there!

          • These things usually never go to plan anyway. haha. It’s easier to let the ball roll as it will 🙂