• Keptwifey replied to the topic Madame Bovary the book for December 2020 in the forum Group logo of Book GroupBOOK GROUP 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Was this discussed?

    I have had some struggles with my mental health and haven’t been about much on the scene. If you have a new date and I can fit it in it would be nice to catch up

    • Hi Keptwifey – I am sorry to hear you’ve been having MH struggles.

      Yes we discussed this book on Wednesday – we added an extra week to the original date as people needed more time, and then some people thought it was Thursday but the discussion was Wednesday. I think if you go into the Library you can see what was said – only Barefoot and Mrs K were able to join me (shame).

      Our next book is Venus in Furs – I hope you can join in with that.