• The TellMeAbout prompt this time around is Service. Missy has written a very personal piece on the subject (here) and in it self is another way-marker for me to see where she stands on the subject, and also […]

    • Some good points which are helpful in thinking what service might mean in a relationship 🙂

  • Hey, despite a common misconception, I am very inclusive!

  • These are unprecedented times without doubt. If you are reading this in 2040 maybe the financial impact of Covid-19 may be over. The unfortunate thing is that the new generation of bloggers will be paying for it […]

    • HL, great post and its spot on advice for for this carzy time we are living through. I also feel better that there are others to who find it hard to take their own advice.

    • Great post. I agree with things being magnified, both the good and the bad seems to be so much bigger. 🙂

    • Thanks for this great post HL. We are going through some major life changes and these compounded by the virus and some other things resulted in a really intense ‘double-drop’ (simultaneous subDrop and DomDrop). It was a rough place to be and we are both pretty beat up but got some important things that surfaced dealt with so in the end all is better. I hope you and Missy can ride the waves. As they say we are all in this together and that’s a unique situation which is a little freaky but comforting as well. hugs elskling

    • Great advice here, and something I (we) definitely need to implement over here. Love that you are addressing the next generation too 😉

      Rebel xox

  • For the purposes of full disclosure, I haven’t done a great deal of wax play, or I should say, we haven’t.  It’s not that we have a great aversion to it, it’s just that it’s never high on the priority list.  W […]

  • Hi Nick.  I have to say that I have no experience in using exit strategies in D/s relationships. However, whatever your situation or reason from wishing to exit from any situation I would suggest you are clear at what part of the discussion you will walk away. Whether your aim is to get your point across, ensure the other person is safe and…[Read more]

  • It takes a lot for me to respect you.  In someways, I almost have to feel you, like making a lasting impression that I can dip into for inspiration or direction.  There are only a few people that have done that t […]

    • Thank you HL for writing this for Tell Me About. I do think polite behaviour doesn’t necessarily mean that you respect someone, I’ve spent years being polite to people I have no respect for at all. I think that respect like love can grow and is made up of smaller actions that culminate into a bigger thing… does that make sense?

      Stay safe HL

      Sweetgirl x

    • I think you have a point Sweet, and I agree. I enjoyed this post HL.

  • There’s a certain comfortableness about edge play that draws me back to thinking about it; I guess that is part of the attraction.   I wasn’t convinced that anything we could do (legally) would really push any l […]

    • It is always interesting to see how things are from the perspective of the person who is instigating the play rather then being on the receiving end. You have made me want more needle play though 🙂

    • This is interesting as I see that it is edge play for u too

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  • The looped rubber prevents it from being a strap or a tawse. You have the opportunity to have a big sting or a real thud, which produces the bruises. Also, when you strike with the bent rubber it gives of a real ‘crack!’
    The length of of person preference but I used the length of the handle to measure the rubber and then bent it in half.
    I…[Read more]

  • Amazing what you find under rocks!

  • One would assume that having been in a D/s relationship for a fair few years now I would have a good grasp on where I am with myself.  Well the faux surprise is that I didn’t, until today.  Missy and I have b […]

    • Closet pervert? Great reflections if you ask me xx

    • Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we really think about it. Glad you had such a productive chat, I probably need one too.

    • Happy New Year HL! I have never known what my Norseman’s kinks are either. In the past he would say, as you, that he likes seeing me get off but as far as his deepest darkest kinky thoughts I have no idea if he has them and less of an idea as to what they are. I communicate mine to him in writing and he acts on them but I’m hoping 2020 will be a year for him to come out more also.

    • I know MrH struggles with this too… when I ask him to tell me what he likes he just shrugs, which unfortunately isn’t helpful… but I am hopeful that in time he my find a way to verbalize them for me 😊

    • I think it is really quite common in a couple for one half to follow the other half and use their kinks as a lead. When one is turned in, we both are, after all. 😁😁😁😁
      It sounds like your kinks are of the dark variety, not all that uncommon, and certainly not without good company. There are even littles with dark, edgy kinks; dark age play, they call it. I’ve been listening to “Off the Cuffs,” a kinky podcast. I’ve heard quite a few episodes where people share their dark kinks. There’s one called Taste the rainbow with a little whose into dark age play. Also others, not little…
      Enjoy your discovery!

    • It’s a fabulous start…and now that you have begun digging, you can go deeper and deeper. What a ride you can both take on these new realizations!

  • Hi NewD.

    I think my first observations that your wife is very vanilla and has emotional hang-ups makes me think that maybe D/s is more for you than her.  You have stated that your wife wants to be submissive deep down and feels she shouldn’t be.  On face value I would that is some contradiction here.

    As you are at the discussion stage I think i…[Read more]

  • Hi Chris,

    Well you certainly have plenty to think about!  I would not overly concern yourself as having lots of questions is a common theme when a partner brings this type of dynamic into a relationship.

    You raise a number of concerns surrounding communication and providing your partner with a level of pain during kinky play. Again, that is a…[Read more]

  • HisLordship commented on the post, Collar n cuffs 10 months ago

    Great that you have found some cuffs that don’t cut your blood off! You obviously like the feel of collars and cuffs and that comes through loud and clear in your post. Thank you for sharing!

  • Nice post – thank you for sharing.

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