• Domesticatedwolff replied to the topic What types of play do you enjoy best and why? in the forum PLAY, SCENES & TRAINING 2 months, 1 week ago

    The chase.

    We’ll roleplay, and dabble in light bondage, and a variety of other games, but her favorite which has become mine because she’ll initiate and enthusiasm always make things outstanding… is chasing her down.

    She’ll push my buttons, intentionally doing things that drive me wild to turn me on while simultaneously getting herself in trouble. For example eating my dessert while I’m putting the munchkins to bed then grinning and biting her lip innocently when I come back, asking what I’m going to do about it. She pushes it far enough and knows she’s in trouble, and she’ll run. Literally run across the house, trying to get away. She knows there’s nowhere to go, and I’ll catch her eventually, but she loves the adrenaline and fun mixed with fear of being chased.

    She has to be careful though, a short chase and she’ll be caught and taken wherever I get ahold of her; kitchen, bedroom, middle of the hallway. If she makes it to the bedroom though she likes to jump on the bed and keep trying to get away, making me come after her and trying to escape off the far side to run again. This almost never works and since it makes it so much more work for me to get ahold of her and pin her down, she knows she’ll be punished. Chasing her down gets my blood going and it’s always great when I do finally catch her, but if she accidentally kicks me while trying to push me away or gets pinned and intentionally rakes her hands across my back, that bit of pain sends me over the edge to really taking her roughly. She’ll be punished with a string of orgasms until she’s begging me to finish, then I’ll choose in the moment how I’d like to fill her and she’s given no choice but to accept.

    We love games but that’s probably our favorite