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    Thank you Windy. As you know, I have already looked it up but just need to decide if I want it downloaded or as audio. I appreciate you sharing this book…VL

    • I got an email from SWC where CSP commented that she is reading it now, but I cannot find her post/comment here anywhere. I hope everyone is enjoying it for when we get a chance to discuss it at the to be scheduled time. Still waiting to see what our May book is gonna be. May is half over. lol

      • Hi Windy. If you got an email then it may have been a private message. There are 2 ways to get it. Some of the members have their avatar at the top right hand corner and the menu drop will show messages. If you don’t have it, like myself, click on your own avatar and it will take you to your profile and then you can see your messages. I lost my avatar a long time ago but some members still have it. I am not sure what the new book will be but I it could be that mlp will decide to skip May and do a June book since we are half way through. I am sure she will let us know soon…VL